Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Entry II: Update; What Steps Have We Done

We must continue to document our project. Someone should be able to look at our blog and be able to build a kayak by following the steps we have written. For this entry each member of class will have a different step to explain.

Ryan- butt blocking the two panels to make the 16' blanks
Cody- tracing the pattern and roughing out the panels, fairing the boards
Calvin- scarfing the sheer clamps and chine logs
Dan- attaching and fitting the sheer clamps and chine logs

Each entry must :
- have an introduction
- what tools are used
- have step by step instructions
- be posted in order
- display at least one relevant picture

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We are making a kayak this will teach us how to use these skills if we ever want to make a boat or kayak in the future. If you get good at it maybe you could do it for a living someday.

The Kayak

We are making kayaks for the students at Alternative Wheels to use on Newfound Lake. We are using one-quarter inch Luan plywood. We are making them at the bike shop. We built some sawhorses to make the kayaks. We are using them in May or June. Some one would enjoy this project because it is a good experience and it is something new.


We are making a kayak (why) for the experience (how) luan ply wood and a little bit of brain (where) Bristol NH bike shop (when) this may-June
Some one would probably like this because when your done you can say you’ve made a kayak.

Monday, March 24, 2008


We are making a kayak for our project. We are making it to show that we are cool and we are good at building things. We are using hand saws and sawhorses, we are doing it ghetto style and its gonna be sweet dude. When we are finished we are going to take it onto Newfound lake. Someone might enjoy this project because it will be fun to take that baby out on Newfound.

Blog Entry Assignment 1: Intro To the Kayak Project

The purpose of this Blog is to inform other people of what we are doing in Newfound Challenge. It also will provide a documented history of the experience for the people that were involved to look back on.

Naturally the first entry is an introduction to what we are currently doing.

Please write: What are we doing?
Any other details about what we are doing...
What is one reason someone might enjoy this project?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Favorite Band

Metallica is my favorite band, because they rock my socks off. they have their own sound.


My favorite type of music is rap. My favorite rapper is 2 pac. My favorite song by 2 pac is getto gospel. He is my favorite rapper because hes my man.


My name is calvin and my favorite band is back street boy because they're playing games with my heart.


I am Ryan and one of my favorite bands is Slayer. They are a very unique band in many different ways. They have a drummer who does alot of off beats. The two guitar players are usually always in sync unless one of them is doing a nasty solo. Then of course their lead singer plays the bass guitar and he has a very different voice and it makes them sound unique and they stick out from all of the other metal bands that are out there.