Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beveling Sheer Clamps Down

The next step is to bevel the sheer clamp and chine log so they fit when we put the bow (front) and stern (rear) together. If we didn't bevel the bow, the boat ends wouldn't go together correctly. The first thing we had to do in the process is trim the sheer clamp and chine log down with the saw until it was close to done. Then we took the plane and the Surform and shaved it down until it was able to fit perfectly. We had to do the same procedure at both ends of the boat. Although at the bow we did not have to bevel the wood, we just cut it right off. And that is the step of beveling the sheer clamp and chine log down.

I had fun hanging out with Cody and Ryan. It's easier to work with just them two instead of everybody.

Blog Entry III: Putting it all Together

The description of our project leaves off at attaching the sheer clamps; by this time we have done a significant amount more. We will attach the bottom today. Please describe the next few steps up to attaching the bottom.

Ryan- Beveling sheer clamps down so they fit when bow and stern are attached
Dan- drilling and zip tying the panel ends
Calvin- bulkhead installation
Cody- cutting out the bulkheads

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What have you enjoyed the most (or might have enjoyed if you were enjoying it) about this project so far ? Why?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tracing Kayak

First you have to trace the kayak out on wood and the you need to cut it out with a saw and then you need to do it again for the other side of the boat. Next, you need to put strips of wood, the chine log and the sheer clamp, and you glue those on top and bottom of the cut out. They are what you nail the top & bottom into.

You need a pencil, saw, plane, hammer,nails.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adding The Chine Logs And Sheer Clamps

Today I am going to tell you about sheer clamps and chine logs. The sheer clamps are put between the walls of the boat to make it more sturdy.Chine logs are 1x1 strips of wood that are glued to the perimeter of the sides of the boat. They are used to keep the boat sturty and it makes it possible to nail the top and bottom to the sides. First you put glue on one of the chine logs and glue it to the panel. When you glue it, you glue it proud which means to leave extra showing on the edge so you can shave it down after.In the picture above you can see the chine logs glued to the panel.

Butt Blocking The Two Panels

The next step in building the kayak is butt blocking the two panels to make the 16' blanks. You put the two pieces of wood together and put a plank over them and nail the plank so that the two pieces are connected to each other. The tools needed are the wood glue nails and a hammer. That is all the steps and tools you need to do this step of the project.