Friday, June 13, 2008

The Sea Devil

In the "Sea Devil" the main character goes fishing and accidentally catches a huge sea ray and almost dies. He chose to never fish again because of what happened to him. I think the main character made the right decision. An enormous sea devil attacked him and he almost didnt live. I would have done the same thing that he did. He risked his life and he barely lived and im not surprised he quit fishing. I think that he did it because not only did he almost die but he maybe had felt bad for the sea devil as well. He found out what it is like to be hunted all the time just like the sea devil. The other reason is obviously because he almost died. He saw his life flash before his eyes and it really mad him stop and think what he wants more, To live or to die. Things I do in my life that are risky is kayaking. I normaly dont kayak but we went with the bike shop. It was risky because I could have drowned.

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